simply and unapologetically write. -Sierra


Run nature to my free soul or "to free my soul." Polish my bones with the finest you possess, until my essence is pure virgin once again. Twist each golden dripped petal, burgeoning within my spine and set fire to... Continue Reading →


  There's something about not raping blank pages with the literacy of infected ink that makes my blood burn. It's something like this, but not like this. Ultimately, it keeps me from writing.   I was promised relief. I was... Continue Reading →


My name is Sierra and after so many years of hiding behind pain filled pages, I'm finally sharing with you and the world! I was inspired and encouraged by a friend to start this blog after listening to her testimony... Continue Reading →

His Cracked Hands Poetry

As she traces the canvas with her fingertips drenched in nothing but depression, she performs a dance of interconnections with her extravagant broken heart and her corrupted vision of the works inside of her world. As her hair strands scrape... Continue Reading →

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